Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Sushmita Sen turned 39 today


One of the most beautiful women of world, Sushmita Sen, is one who always has torn the casts conformist and attempted to do something different. She is an independent woman who is not afraid to express their opinions on anything and everything. And yeah, this beautiful single mom is empty! Sushmita Sen has found her happiness, not always following a man, but with her two lovely daughters.
The diva recently turned 39 years old today, and carries a life which is really inspiring. The four eternal lessons which Sushmita Sen has shown us through her actions.
You should not be married to experiment the alegrías of being a mother, and this is something that truly believe Sushmita. In 2000, when she was 25 years old and Sushmita has been gaining Awards & accolades for her supporting role in Biwi No.1, the world was her oyster. Nevertheless, she did something than any other an Indian actress dare to make; she adopted a little girl named Renee. Sushmita selected to take over responsibilities of motherhood with her acting career.
Ten years later, history repeated itself Sushmita adopting a second child. When the court granted her custody, she was released with a charming smile and said, "I feel on top of the world I named Alisah, which in Greek means joyful She's a very happy girl She will seduce you in a minute...."
Sush's mantra: Love your child unconditionally. As a mother, you should never matter to you if your child out of your stomach or your heart.

Single parents face many difficult questions. The most common, "Where is my mom / dad?" Sushmita too face their fair share of those questions from their children. One day when Renee came home from school, he asked about his father. Sushmita just smiled and Shivling (a representation of Shiva) and told him that his father was.
The way you handle all questions to ensure that their children understand the responsibilities of a single parent and respect that. Now, Renee knows that her mother will choose a father for them one day, but not without the approval of their daughters. Sush's mantra: being a single parent can be very difficult, but not impossible. The best way to deal with innocent questions your child is to be honest with them and they certainly earn their respect.

While Sushmita does not feel the need to be a biological parent, these celebrities have done the opposite.
When Sushmita was seen sporting a solitaire on her ring finger, the rumor mills began to speculate on a possible compromise. But Sushmita said it had bought 22 carat solitaire itself. Sushmita said, "I do not need a man in my life for diamonds can hold my own.".
Sush Mantra: be independent, be proud and feel free to take care of you.

Although it can be difficult being a single mother is a wonderful feeling but at the same time.
Many single women often jump into marriage once they cross their 20s. Some fear the idea of staying single for life, while others fear that social pressure. And sometimes, all those crazy thoughts get a lot of women caught in the institution of marriage without them sure about that. However, Sushmita believes, "It (marriage) is a celebration of choice" She went on to say .. "I do not think I should go with the system Our company has made this system graduating at 18 years 22 panic 27 to marry and have their first child. I do not think ... "" The DNA of each person is different. I'm definitely going to get married and for sure it will be a beautiful marriage (Masha Allah Meri shaadi Hogi Khoobsurat chest). "Therefore, it is perfectly possible to wait for the perfect man, rather than simply states due to social pressure.


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