Friday, November 14, 2014

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Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma wedding


Arpita Khan, the beloved sister of the "never-baccalaureate" Bollywood actor Salman Khan is all set to marry her boyfriend long Aayush Sharma. The wedding, which took place on November 18, was previously scheduled to take place in January 2015. But Arpita postponed the date to coincide with the golden anniversary of his parents'wedding.
And, like the Khan are known for their lavish celebrations and larger than life, this marriage will certainly be one to monitor. So let's give a little taste and unique details Arpita Khan and marriage Aayush Sharma.
Arpita Khan, the youngest of the Khan brothers is a budding fashion designer while Aayush Sharma is a businessman based in Delhi. They have been good friends for a long time before committing to another to enter the bonds of love and marriage.

Arpita and Aayush been dating each other since 2013, and the marriage seemed a natural step for them when they became serious about each other. The two had even a green signal from their families to make way for the wedding. A source close to the couple was quoted by a tabloid saying, "Arpita and Aayush are madly in love they are very serious about each other Aayush comes from a respectable and wealthy family Khans dote on him..." The couple are so in love that even signed another name in his arms. Really, it's a pair to be soulmates.

Earlier, Arpita was actor Arjun Kapoor dating, who even admitted that was the only serious relationship I've had to date, most recently in a talk show.

It was also reported that Aayush was considering a career in Bollywood too. And so the couple will stay in Mumbai only after marriage. Salim Khan was also quoted by a major newspaper, saying .. "From Aayush tried his luck in movies, they (Arpita and Aayush) stay in Mumbai took a rental apartment for three years, I Bandra think we should give enough time to test luck in the film as a passion for them. as it is a thriving family business, you can always join his family business later. "

It is almost 16 years after the khandaan Khan attend a family wedding. Earlier date for the wedding and Arpita Aayush was reported that in January 2015. However, when the two families were recently in Shimla to enjoy a mini vacation together, decided intend wedding date. "Arpita and Aayush were to tie the knot in January next year, but the two families have decided to have it presented to November this year," revealed a source close to the family.
Pre-wedding rituals begin with the Haldi ceremony, which should be the November 16 The family later cease to Hyderabad for the rest of the celebrations.


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