Wednesday, August 6, 2014

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Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur Jacqueline Fernandez


Salman Khan is definitely the closest to the title of "the big old Bollywood" competitor (well, Sushmita Sen is second, but more on that later). After a number of things, it seems Salman has finally found love in a "Angrezi mem? His new arm candy is Vantur Iulia, a Romanian beauty. Last year, the media was abuzz with reports of the two are very close to tying the knot.
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Well Salman will fueled rumors regarding his love and marriage when he said in an interview, "Something is about to happen in my life ..." and added. "I was a little Happy father is a jerk, the mother he is a Hindu, the second a Catholic mother, and my brother is a Punjabi. wife, I think it put out ... "

Meet the little boy hiding in Salman Khan, many think it just might be your answer to the marriage rumors Katrina and Ranbir. But Salman has finally grown up, this beauty with golden hair Romania might be just "one" for him. Or it could be someone close enough too. Yes, it seems quite clear that Salman is beaten by her co-star Jacqueline Fernandez kick. Yes, gone gaga over the beauty of Sri Lanka in a position to call his "Jacqueline Fernandez JFK- Khan" publicly in a television program.
Salman Khan in kick movie

Although when it comes to Sallu Bhai, one can never be sure when he is serious and when he slept. But it seems that Salman and Jacqueline are quite comfortable with and around each other, either on screen or off!

If, finally, the nation prepare to congratulate his biggest idol bachelor? Well, only time will tell.


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