Tuesday, August 5, 2014

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Couples Who Are About to Get Married


When the two jilted lovers met, they got along like a house on fire, and went to Goa to cool. Yes, Bipasha and Harman, are one of the new couples on the block to have openly accepted their relationship. Both confirmed to be in a "relationship" on Twitter.


These things said about Harman Bipasha in an interview, "There are a lot of interesting people in the industry, but none as attractive as her. We just hit it off and ended up talking a bit more than we should have, and we still talk. Our starting to see the other was very organic. "and that is how Bipasha wrote on his Twitter handle," It's obvious! Yes torque Harman ra n Me :) Finally I met a person who is a human being better than me. Saint. "

A tabloid recently quoted a close friend of tones, saying. "Parents of Bipasha and Harman have already been gathered together at the residence of the latter and they (the families) are eager to see the two get hitched Now Bipasha and Harman who came to the open about their relationship, it is clear that they are serious about each other. "So speculations were this couple, except to end a wedding date soon!


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