Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Kangana Ranaut's affair with Hrithik Roshan


Two months ago, during an interview by a newspaper Kangana Ranaut had accepted that there is one man in her life. She said: "... My love lives is exciting when you are in love, you kind of need to be sure of that you do in public I Hope that works" However, the 27-year-old, who has always been open about her relationship has declined to revealing the the name of man in her life.


Now it can be revealing that the man she was speaking is no other than Hrithik Roshan. Two months ago, she was not sure that the relationship was that Hrithik was divorcing his now ex-wife Suzanne Roshan. She said: "Love is one thing; which is so special, so I hope that put myself in position to talk in public." But last month his divorce eventually made official.


Kangana and Hrithik are not ready to talk about their relationship, but one industry sources shows that they are very serious about each other. They have been best friends past seven years and worked together in two movies - Kites & Krrish 3.

When asked whether the relationship end up in a marriage to the actress said. "No, the type of person that I am, it seems very hard to for me to get such an arrangement am looking for a partner and hope that I will to get to my soulmate. i truly appreciate this journey "soul" and all the man-woman relationship. I am a very spiritual person, and a lot more when trying to love. "Sounds like precisely Hrithik seems.


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