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Bollywood Celebrity Couples Who Recently Became Parents


To experience the joy of being parents for the first time, is one of the most things that any couple may going after their marriage. Your child is not just a symbol of your love and oneness, but also an beautiful brick that strengthens their relationship.

We are confident these are seven universal emotions associated with parenting that every couple feels to get to this stage of their relationship. Even if a sense that to our young couples Bollywood would cross or been crossed when they welcomed their "bundle of joy" in their lives. Well, young couples of Bollywood celebrities that have been recently converted proud parents meet.

Mohit Suri and Udita Goswami

The latest Bollywood couple, who has entered the world of parenthood is, actress Udita Goswami, and director, Mohit Suri. January seems to be a lucky month for this duo. The couple got married on January 29, 2013. And, on January 2, 2015, Udita delivered a baby girl.
It was director Mahesh Bhatt, who broke the happy news through Twitter, and wrote, "Mohit Suri and Udita have received a gift from the Gods! A baby girl has just descended from the 'skies' into their life.” Mahesh Bhatt is Mohit’s uncle. Also, it was actually Mohit’s cousin, actress-turned-director, Pooja Bhatt, who launched Udita in Bollywood with her directorial debut, Paap.

The past couple of Bollywood, which entered the world of parenting actress is Udita Goswami and director Mohit Suri. January seems being a lucky month for this duo. The couple were married on January 29, 2013. And the January 2, 2015, udita birth to a daughter.
Mahesh Bhatt was director who gave the good news via Twitter and wrote, "Mohit Suri and udita received a present from the gods A little girl simply go outside!" Heaven "in their lives." The uncle Mahesh Bhatt Mohit. well, which was actually the cousin Mohit, actress and director of Pooja Bhatt, who threw udita in Bollywood with his first feature film Paap.

Ritiesh and Genelia

One of the pairs the perfect picture of B-town, both online and off screen, Ritiesh and Genelia welcomed their bundle of joy will in the family in 2014. The 25 November 2014, wrote on his Ritiesh Twitter profile: "This is a BBBOOOOYYYYYY !!!!!!!!" and it was enough to make friends and fans the couple has sent love and wishes.

And the December 6, Riteish and Genelia called his son Riaan Ritesh Deshmukh, one (name) private service "Barsa 'in Mumbai. While Genelia announced on Twitter, excited father Riteish shared the first pictures of child with their fans .

 Imran Khan and Avantika Malik

When Avantika Malik did not take much for some time, she thought she had dengue fever, but my husband Imran had an intuition of kinship, that proved to be correct! Shortly after, ever so enthusiastic, Imran Khan, made the official announcement that he and Avantika early house a little in their lives. And, it was the morning of the 9 June 2014, when he turned into a father Imran. Imran and Avantika were blessed a child and the young parents called their little angel, Imara Malik Khan.

Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira

Although he did not become dad for the first time but he welcomed their second child in the world, which has reached fame in Bollywood. On 21 April 2014, the wife of Ayushmann Khurrana Tahira, she gave birth to her second child, a girl. Vicky Donor actor made the announcement to the world, writing, "Oh, boy, it's a girl! There is birth of an father." The pair called her daughter, Varushka. And they and son, Virajveer, born in 2012.

2014 bought new for this young happy couple in Bollywood too. 21 Jan. 2014, actress Urvashi Sharma birth to a daughter. The couple had been dating for a while before they decided to get married early 2012. They named their daughter Samira. Talking of the happiest days of his family, Sachiin, was quoted as saying: "I am happy having a new angel of my life I can not tell you more gratitude to God also want to thank Raina (aka Urvashi) to give myself a special gift and.. carrying the sorrow in my name. we named our daughter Samaira means princess. the name has also our initials. it really is a wonderful sensation. "


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