Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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Sunny Leone in Mankind Pharma's AdictionDeo Contest


No less than 100 men entertained with adult actress and star Sunny Leone as part of the grand final of the competition Pharma AdictionDeo humanity.

The brand launched its online contest and three months in two variants deodorant - Greece and Brazil - offering 100 lucky winners will receive a chance to eat, interact and learn more about their favorite star.

The contest began on July 1 and lasted until October 8. In support of win-zero, the winners were chosen daily and the names were announced on the official Facebook page of the brand.

The final will be held at the Orchid Hotel here on Saturday.

During the event, Sunny signed autographs and posed for pictures with them. She says her association with Adiction Manforce Pharma Deo and condom humanity has been a rewarding experience two years.

sunny leone

She said she was "thrilled" about the contest and is expected to know these beautiful men, young and trust that are hustlers.

"Being part of this exciting contest was a beautiful and memorable event in my life," Sunny said in a statement.

Speaking about the event, Rajeev Juneja, CEO of Mankind Pharma, said it received nearly 10,000 entries for the contest.

sunny leone

"We are pleased to offer a unique experience to the winners on a date with Bollywood star beautiful and impressive, Sunny Leone. We are very excited to bring this show full of energy entertainment to our customers".


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