Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Miss South Africa is your new Miss World 2014


Meet the new Miss World. Rolene Strauss South Africa won the international competition in 2014 at the ExCel center in east London on Sunday. Strauss, 22, a native of Nelspruit, which has the rights, health and education of women and their causes, was one of the 122 candidates who competed for the coveted title. She received the crown from her predecessor, Miss World 2013 Megan Young Philippines.

"South Africa is for you," Strauss said after completing her victory, according to CNN. "I'm very proud of you and I'm proud to be your representative."

Its brands that crown the first South African to win the Miss International title for over half a century ago, E! News.
Miss Hungary, Edina Kulscar was runner Strauss. Miss USA, Elizabeth Safrit of North Carolina, was third, E! News reports. Miss Thailand, Nonthawan Nonthawan Thonleg won People's Choice.

So who is Rolene Strauss? People magazine says Strauss has beauty and brains. Brown queen contest has four years of medical school under her belt with plans to become a doctor. her parents also work in the medical field.

Sunday before her coronation, Strauss kept her fans updated on her way to the title in the official YouTube channel of Miss World.

A near and dear to the heart of Strauss causes are always keeping girls in school project that helps young South African women stay in school and guide them during puberty.

"We have seen that girls do not go to school when it's your time of the month when your menstrual cycle, because they are ashamed of it. Do not know what to do when that happens," Strauss said in her "beauty with a purpose video".

"When I saw this project, I immediately saw saw health and education, which are my two passions, so I got involved in this project," she said. "We all think that to be healthy you have the money, right? You must have shoes, clothing needs, has to compensate, that's how you get rich. But the greatest wealth is health." Dropoff window

Besides her father, who told me that helped fuel their dreams of working in medicine, South Africa has revolutionary political Strauss Nelson Mandela as one of her biggest role models. "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela's why I can talk, love, and learn freely in my country," she said in her video introduction candidate. "Thanks to South Africa, I can love my dreams."
Strauss was named Miss South Africa in March 2014. She attributed her victory to be herself and have a strong passion for South Africa. "It feels so surreal,"s he said.


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