Sunday, April 27, 2014

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Being a sports enthusiast and a former model kept Deepika in shape right from her early days. The actress is the right mix of sexy and strong and her svelte body makes it irresistible to take one’s eyes off her. Deepika credits it all to badminton, swimming, dancing and more recently to strength training and Pilates who she was introduced to by her trainer Yasmin KarachiwalaThere are very few actresses who look as fit as Deepika Padukone. She has a sportsperson’s physique. Not very surprising considering her dad is Prakash Padukone, the renowned Badminton player. He’s trained her to be a national level badminton player in her teens. She confesses she used to exercise like a maniac back then – forty minute runs in the morning, weight training, and 3-4 hours of badminton in the evening. This regime turned out to be too strenuous and she took a break from it.

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